Doctoral Consortium

STMet Doctoral Consortium 2019

STMet 2018 will feature a Doctoral Consortium on December 03, 2019. The main idea is to give
the Ph.D. candidates whose submissions have been accepted, an opportunity to discuss their
doctoral projects with our Keynote Speakers from the STMet Community and the audience.
Attendance at the Doctoral Consortium will be based on the Doctoral Consortium PC acceptance
of a 6-page long abstract authored by the Ph.D. Candidate.
The accepted abstracts will be presented in the STMet 2019 Poster Session and published
online together with a full 12 pages long paper that the Ph.D. Candidates will have to submit by
(date). The paper will be reviewed by our PC and the Keynote Speakers who will attend the
Doctoral Consortium to give the Ph.D. Candidates a feedback about their work.

Important dates

Abstract submission (up to 6 pages) with a Letter of Support from the Adviser:  June 20, 2019
Notification:  July 20, 2019
Full paper submission (up to 12 pages):  August 10, 2019
Doctoral Consortium Date: October 19 September 02, 2019

Instructions for Authors

Doctoral Consortium submissions must be emailed to the Doctoral Consortium Chair at stm at

Submissions must be prepared in PDF format.
Full paper content guidelines
The full paper will be the basis for detailed discussions at the Doctoral Consortium. The Ph.D.
Candidate’s paper should include the following:
motivation for the research proposed
the background and related work (with key references) to convince about knowledge grounded
upon the literature study in the area
description of the proposed research including the research questions to be addressed, the
Author’s contribution, the research methodology and the experiments proposed
at least five specific issues to be put forward for discussion.
The Advisor should provide a brief description of the research group in which the Ph.D.
Candidate has been working and the relevance of that work to the group’s research area.
The students’ full papers will be published online and electronically in the USB sticks

All submissions will be reviewed by the Doctoral Consortium Program Committee with respect to
overall quality of presentation, the potential for future impact of the proposed PhD research in the
field of Real-Time Intelligent Systems and the potential benefits to the Ph.D. Candidate coming
from attendance at the Doctoral Consortium.

Email: stm @