STMet 2021 Program

Review Process and Classification of Papers’

Review Process and Classification of Papers

Each paper undergoes double-blind review. The papers will be classified as Theory, Methodological, Experimental, Seminal, replicability, reproducibility and repeatability. Repeatability papers will be rejected. The papers even after acceptance will be completely edited to ensure fair presentation. Each paper gets DOI and subjected for publication in the journals listed.

A note on replicability, reproducibility and repeatability

A large number of papers follow a same kind of model in bibliometrics and scientometrics research. For example, downloading of records on a theme from database such as WoS or Scopus and do regular and routine analysis.

Hence, in the STMet 2021, we will classify the papers into original/novel, methodologically-improved, theoretical, review, replicability, reproducibility and other type papers.

We can classify some papers as replicability (different team, different datasets, different testbeds, same experimental setup) and reproducibility (different team, different experimental setup, different datasets, different testbeds) papers. However, the repeatability (same testbed, same methodological setup) papers will be rejected.