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Journal of Digital Information Management (JDIM)
International Journal of Web Application (IJWA)


Information Security Education Journal (ISEJ)

Current Issue
Volume: 1 , Issue: 2 (December 2014)
Editorial Full Text
Learning Cloud Computing and Security Through Cloudsim Simulation-
Ming Yang, Becky Rutherfoord, Edward Jung
     Abstract | | Full Text (PDF, 189KB)

Using Contingency Planning Model to Mitigate the Impact of the Inevitable Disaster at the Class Level-
Randall Craig Reid, Sherwood Lane Lambert
Page: 70-76
     Abstract | | Full Text (PDF, 48KB)

Embedded and Control Systems Security Projects-
Guillermo A. Francia, III, Jay Snellen III
Page: 77-84
     Abstract | | Full Text (PDF, 36KB)

A Course Module on Clickjacking--
Lindsay Simpkins, Xiaohong Yuan, Junghee Kim
Page: 85-88
     Abstract | | Full Text (PDF, 705KB)

Motivating Secure Coding Practices in a Freshman-Level Programming Course-
Bryson R. Payne , Aaron R. Walker
Page: 89-108
     Abstract | | Full Text (PDF, 53KB)

Intructional Perspective: A Course Module on Mobile Malware-
Perron Johnson, Philip Harris, Keheira Henderson, Xiaohong Yuan, Li Yang
Page: 109-116
     Abstract | | Full Text (PDF, 63KB)

Book Review

Reversible Digital Watermarking: Theory and Practices, Ruchira Naskar and Rajat Subhra Chakraborty, Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2014 ISBN 9781627053150 (print), ISBN 9781627053150 (ebook)

Probabilistic Approaches to Recommendations, Nicola Barbierir, Giuseppe Manco, Ettore Ritacco, Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2014 ISBN 9781627052573

Conference Notification

• Sixth International Conference on the Applications of Digital Information and Web Technologies
(ICADIWT 2015)
• Fifth International Conference on Innovative Computing Technology (INTECH 2015)
• Fourth International Conference on Future Generation Communication Technologies (FGCT 2015)

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